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Positive Reinforcement Behavioral Training


Like you, we love our dogs and consider them as a members of our family.  Vegas K9 Adventures will provide your pup a “day camp” experience. They will enjoy a morning hike as a pack wearing safety-equipment such as Sport Dog GPS tracking collars, and reflective coats for optimal visibility and security. You may join us on a hike to share in the experience we provide at Vegas K9 Adventures. Please schedule in advance so we know who our hiking guests will be for the day. We understand the importance of developing and maintaining a dog's level of fitness and mental stimulation. We specialize in pack training both on the trails and in the home, focusing on each dogs' ability to get along socially in the wild and to learn good house skills as the dogs are provided a home setting after the hike to focus on their manners.


In terms of core emotions, dogs need:

   Social contact so their panic system doesn’t get activated

   Games and play to activate the seeking system

   Interesting things to do – especially long walks – that arouse their seeking system


  Dogs are hyper-social and hypersensitive to everything we do. Vegas K9 Adventures uses positive reinforcement training to make each session fun and rewarding for your pup.



Fitness and Exploration with Safety First

We hike on trails that are appropriate to the fitness level and condition of large to small dogs; taking day trips primarily to the Spring Mountains (Mt. Charleston area) during warm months and lower elevation trails in the cooler months. We take extra measures to ensure their safety by providing tracking collars and reflective coats for each hiking buddy. State of the art tracking collars allow us to pinpoint the exact location of your pup for up to 7 miles ensuring he is never out of our range. New pups will be on leash until we feel they are ready to stay together with the pack as part of the pack training. We love our hikes! 

Safe and green back yard

Everything for Your Dog

We also provide In-Home Boarding and Grooming on our 1/2 acre country style home in northwest Las Vegas. They become part of our pack while staying with us, having a home experience and being treated as though they are "our pups" too.


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