Joanna H.
November 27, 2016

Melanie !!! I don't know how to thank you for your professionalism and the comfort that you provided for me , knowing that Sugar was in such great hands !!!
She is missing you and her new friends allready !!!

Heather K.
November 3, 2016


Moon Shine is a tough 1 year old German Shepherd Mix. He was still in training and was nervous around other dogs. We haven't had him long and we were working on obediance and socialization. Melanie was wonderful! She helped Moon make doggy friends and kept up with his training while we were out of town. Most dog sitters don't have this capability. Many won't take a difficult dog. I highly recommend Melanie!

From Stephanie M.
August 25, 2016


Melanie and her helpers are awesome! Our dogs really enjoyed their stay, and we really enjoyed meeting with Melanie. We even have our dogs join her twice a week now for walks with their new friends because they love it so much. She is so great at communicating with you, and sharing part of their stay with you while you are away. She's professional, sweet and LOVES DOGS!

From J.B.:


I adopted a dog a month ago and while she is the sweetest dog, she definitely needs some help. She is skittish, in need of socialization and basic training. I found Vegas K9 Adventures thru a friend and am so happy I did. After just one meeting with Melanie (during which they spent about 2 hours with us) and a meet and greet with some of the other dogs she gave me a good idea of what my girl will need and how we can help get her there! I am excited to continue working with them and as a added bonus, they are okay with me having my 9 year old tag along to our sessions, so that as a family we can all be part of helping our new girl grow!!


From Kathy B,:


I had just adopted a Labrador when I met Melanie at Vegas K9 Adventures about 2 1/2 years ago.  If it hadn't been for Vegas K9 Adventures I might not have kept Sadie.  They provide reliable services at reasonable rates.  I have two young kids and I own a company.  Vegas K9 picks up Sadie for her hike while I am rushing little ones to get ready for school.  After a great hike with other dogs at the mountains.  They bring home a happy, tired and loved dog.  I always feel like Sadie is with family because that is how they treat her.  I would highly recommend Vegas K9 Adventures.


From Barbara M.:


Vegas K9 Adventures is unlike any other dog day care and boarding facility.  It has become a second home for our dog, Royal.  Royal is a German Shepherd who we rescued at 6 months of age.  She had no previous socialization, which is crucial to the well-being and personality of a German Shepherd.  I was drawn to Vegas K9 Adventures due to their ownership of and experience with GSD. I was very worried as Royal had many issues to overcome. Melanie took her time to introduce Royal to the other dogs and her home. While it did take several visits, each one was important to ensure Royal had the confidence she needed to be in a new place, around other dogs and people. Melanie knew just what Royal needed.  I was invited to join the famous Vegas K9 Adventure hikes to help Royal with her confidence.  It is incredible to see all the dogs running, playing, sniffing and having the time of their life. It literally brought tears to my eyes to see our awkward girl getting along and playing with other dogs.  After two hours or so the dogs have achieved their activity goal for the day and spend the rest of the day, lounging in the sun, snuggling with a buddy on a dog bed or playing with a friend or toys.  During our frequent trips out of town it is convenient to have Melanie or Bill do an early morning pickup, to remove an additional chore before heading to the airport.  We never have a concern or a worry when out of town.  We know our girl is well care for and loved by Melanie and Bill.  There are no crates, no worries that she isn't getting enough attention or exercise, she has as much freedom as if she were home . . . and a whole lot more friends.  The daily updates, photos and videos provide that contact and touch of home, for which Melanie and Bill are so well known.  We love Vegas K9 Adventures and would recommend them to anyone who loves their dog and is seeking an elite mode of day care and boarding.



From Lynne R.

I will just say that I never leave my dogs anywhere else. I have been using Melanie since 2011 and my dogs are better for it. I have gone on some hikes with her and can see my dogs having fun and just being dogs. I also do daycare with her - she picks them up and the pups are anxiously waiting by the door to jump in the K-9 van as soon as she pulls up. They love it that much.

A unique and wonderful business!

From Shelbi M.

We LOVE Vegas K9 Adventures! My dog goes to doggie daycare there and will be boarded there for the second time next week. My dog gets so excited when she is picked up for daycare and then sleeps the rest of the day when she gets home. I never have to worry about my dog Juno when she is with Melanie, she sends me updates and pictures whenever she can. We also had a training session with Melanie to work on my dogs walking on a leash in public places. I learned how to keep Juno's attention on me and how to hold the leash for better control. Melanie is great with dogs and you can be sure she will love them like her own. My dog didn't care at all when I came home after a weweek of being gone because she had so much fun staying with Melanie and all her friends.

From Roxy, Jax and Max's Mom


When we met, I was looking to adopt out my German Shepherd, Roxy.

She was destructive, frustrated and a bundle of never ending energy. Coupled with my work schedule, it was a formula for disaster. Your behavioral coaching with me and Roxy lends a new understanding to our relationship. The regular hikes and activities have saved us, not to mention the overnight dog slumber parties at your wonderful home.


Thank you for giving me back the understanding why I purchased Roxy over 5 years ago and appreciating the love she has to give.....





From Rocky‘s Dog Dad


First email message:

Got your email and watched both of your hikes in the mountains and the trail. I was very impressed with what Rocky was doing and how he just ignored the other dogs instead of fighting with them. It looks like you have done miracles with him and I saw what he has become....a COMPLETE German Shepherd. You don't know how happy you have made me. I thank you soooo much for everything you've done.


Second email message:

I can't wait to see my baby, and it is a very important moment in my life. You are an angel sent to me, and you will be forever in my heart and mind......and I’m sure in Rocky’s heart too. You have done things with him that I would never, ever think of, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to get home and see my new grown up German Shepherd. Once again Melanie....thank you so very much for all that you have done for me and give Bob all my best. See you all on Thursday.




Dear Melanie-What a Godsend you have been! When we were planning our trip to China, I knew we were in need of a reputable and affordable place to board our two dogs, Lizzzie and Xing Xing. We investigated, and interviewed, nearly a dozen facilities all around Las Vegas, and thankfully were smitten with your presentation. I say thankfully because now that our trip is finished, and knowing how much I missed our dogs, I never once was concerned about them. You were kind enough, before our trip, to allow us to join your daily jaunts on the trails and get our dogs acclimated to the experience of being around so many dogs. As I warned you early on, Xing Xing has had “issues” at dog parks and wasn’t the type to be comfortable around other dogs. Your advice at the outset was, “Don’t worry, both your dogs are rescues, you don’t know their history before they came to you. They are fine, don’t worry.” I tried not to worry, Melanie, but Xing Xing is my baby. A beautiful 115 pound black German Shepherd with a mean streak and been through tough times his whole life? Worried I was. Then the videos and pictorials and the iWander tracking pictures started coming to my email box, and what I saw was a beautiful black German Shepherd, 115 pounds of relaxed, happy, thriving and perfectly content dog, amongst dogs of every size and breed one could imagine. Maltese, Chihuahua, Heinz 57, Great Dane, pit bull, Dobies, 5 pounds and up to 180 pounds and still growing, you had them all in one place, together and having a blast. Lizzie and Xing Xing were right in the middle of it all. Happy, content, confident, healthy and thriving in their pack. Melanie, I’ve loved both my dogs and been proud of them from the day we rescued them, but all I could think about while watching my kids in that element was, “why in the world couldn’t we find you two years ago?” Was I blind to what Xing Xing needed? We tried other trainers and their methods in the last two years. In spite of that, I sent you a dog with issues I had only one request, besides keep him safe and healthy; that request was to “teach him to be a dog and enjoy life.” What I saw on video, and since our return home, is a dog that enjoys his life with his Lizzie and his human family and his pack. A centered, well-balanced relaxed dog. Not the tense, paranoid, bundle of anger I dropped off at your place 6 weeks ago. A completely different dog indeed. Lizzie has always been a joy to be around, very playful and joyful, but also with a bit of a mean streak about toys and sharing. Somehow, she learned to share during her stay with you. She’s still the bubbly, loving and affectionate bundle of energy she’s always been, but with a softer, kinder edge. I’ll probably never understand or comprehend how these changes were brought about, but I can fully appreciate the outcome. Thank you so very much for doing such a wonderful job with my kids. We were fine in China but my kids were better than fine. They truly have found a second home and a second life because of you. Forever grateful, Dan and Lisa Graham    March 6, 2013