Training, Training Camp and Boarding Services

We provide exceptional care with lots of love for your canine family members. All of our services are personalized to meet your individual needs.


How to Create a Super Dog:


Imagine coming home to a dog with no separation anxiety, who has not torn up or chewed furniture or your new shoes! When a friend comes to your door, he sits quietly to greet them. Visualize you and your pup walking on a loose leash among people and their dogs and hearing complements of what a great dog you have!


Vegas K9 Adventures believes in the importance of training your dog, whether a pedigree purebred or a rescue. Our three dogs are rescued, and without issues from their past.


Most dogs that are surrendered to a shelter or re-homed typically are around 18 months old because the owners did not know how to handle behaviors such as barking, jumping, not listening, not coming when called or having bad manners. By using positive rewards training, a behavior can be changed without harming your dog or breaking their trust and respect for you or the trainer. For both you and your dog, it is vital that they have basic obedience skills, house manners and socialized in order to have a well-balanced personality, and be wonderful to live with.


Whether you are starting with a pup or mature dog, we can work with your dog then show you how to work with them in the same manner; your dog will be as obedient with you and your family, making everyone happy.




Puppies at play: Penny, Rex and Lalia

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We pledge to treat your babies as if they are our babies!

You can rest assured when you bring your dog to Vegas K9 Adventures for daycare services while you're at work.  Constantly supervised by our professionals, your dogs will enjoy scheduled exercise activities, healthy treats and lots and lots of affection.


Specializing in Puppies! 

Our facilities (for large or small breeds) are not open to the public and are squeaky clean; protecting puppies from disease and dogs who bully others. Each pup is given 1:1 "early" training, socialization, house manners and gently introduced to many day-to-day situations that all well-balanced dogs take in stride. Before careful training begins we discuss the how, what, and why with you to create a pup you can trust with children, in the house alone, and become the dog everyone admires. You will receive a progress report weekly. Then we show you how to carry on the newly learned behaviors to build a happy, self-confident pup.


Boarding Service in Our Home

Saturday morning hikes...

Your pet deserves a vacation while you're on vacation. Why not let them enjoy a country get-away in our half-acre home, complete with grassy backyard, a huge doggie door, homemade training treats, and soothing music.


Whether for a night, a weekend or a month, our hospitable and trained staff will cater to your pet's every need.


We are not responsible for any dogs that refuse to leave.

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