Training Using Positive Reinforcement Methods -- No Choke, Bite, or Shock Collars

All are private lessons lasting an hour each in my home or public place (Downtown Summerlin, Starbucks, Home Depot)

Puppy Manners: foundation of  manners, basic commands and socialization with kids and other family pets – 4 one hour lessons


Obedience: paying attention, loose leash walking, wait, stay, down-stay, confidence building exercises – 6 one hour lessons




Consultation: first hour 






Behavioral Training for overcoming issues such as Anxiety Separation, Fear and Fear Aggression, and other emotional abuse issues learned during puppyhood or being abandoned and re-homed.


You deserve to have a reliable dog you can trust in your home, with your family and consider as a good companion. All animals deserve to be emotionally balanced and content, having the ability to contribute to their family and be a great dog. Melanie has worked with many adopted and abused dogs helping them work through their challenges through her understanding, patient guidance, and gentle care; earning their trust and respect.


Melanie will come to your home to observe the behavior(s) your dog has and will set a plan to redirect your dog to acceptable behavior by trading unwanted manners with good ones. We will work in your home and move into various environments to increase the dog's contextual experiences, increasing self-confidence and emotional stability. At the same time, you will learn to manage and redirect his behavior into positive experiences and growth.