Daycare and Adventure Hike





Adventure Hike

$20.00/per dog



Only a limited number of dogs can join us. We pre-screen all dogs for temperament, sociability, and match energy levels, which creates a well-balanced group and prevents personality clashes.


With your permission, we include your dog on our early morning wilderness hikes that are safe, each dog wears a GPS tracking collar (included), highly supervised and tailored to your dog's fitness level. We have over ten years expertise hiking in the Spring Mountains. Your pup will join our happy troupe to explore trails and be a dog: smell nature's scents, build self-confidence, improve fitness level and, experience natural terrain. Why should your dog spend hours in a crate within a noisy environment, waiting to be put onto a treadmill or playing inside a building?


Daycare and Adventure Hike pups are picked up around 6:00am and taken on a pawesome hike.

Upon returning to our facility, they are fed breakfast (you supply food) then go outside to play in our 1/2 acre grassy yard. A large doggy door provides access inside the house when they choose to be inside. All services include group play, snack, and affection time.  Adventure Hike pups are driven home at noon where Daycare lasts all day until 6:00pm. 


Round trip transportation is included for both Daycare and Adventure Hike pups that live within a 5 mile radius of our facility. 


Special needs will be addressed on an individual basis.  If you need additional help or information, please click below.


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